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  1. Music of the Common Tongue: Survival and Celebration in African American Music - Christopher Small
  2. When I Grow Up: A Memoir - Juliana Hatfield
  3. Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children - Edwin E. Gordon
  4. Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music and the Twentieth Century - Charles Hiroshi Garrett
  5. American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins-the Art and Science of the Violin - Quincy Whitney
  6. Broadcasting the Blues: Black Blues in the Segregation Era - Paul Oliver
  7. Guide to Chamber Music - Melvin Berger
  8. Johnny Cash's American Recordings - Tony Tost
  9. Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book II Walking Bass Lines: Rhythm Changes in 12 Keys - Bass Tab Edition - Steven Mooney
  10. Chelsea Hotel Manhattan: A Raw Eulogy to a New York Icon - Joe Ambrose
  11. Dinosaur Jr.'s You're Living All Over Me - Nick Attfield
  12. Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature - Carol Kimball
  13. Modulation - Max Reger
  14. Modern Recording Techniques - David Miles Huber
  15. How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life - Gary Ansdell
  16. The Metropolitan Opera Presents: Puccini's Tosca: The Complete Libretto - , Giuseppe Giacosa
  17. Jurassic World Songbook: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
  18. The Much-at-Once: Music, Science, Ecstasy, the Body - Bruce Wilshire
  19. At the Piano: Interviews with 21st-Century Pianists - Caroline Benser
  20. Women, the Recited Qur'an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia - Anne Rasmussen
  21. The Real Vocal Book - Volume IV: High Voice
  22. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Songbook: Vocal Selections - Robert L. Freedman
  23. Piano Music of Robert Schumann, Series II - Robert Schumann
  24. Classical Music Criticism - Robert D. Schick
  25. The Red Light's On...: The 21st Century guide to the music of The Beatles - Kevin Todd Segura
  26. Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones - David Smay
  27. Sly & The Family Stone for Bass
  28. The Matter of Voice: Sensual Soundings - Karmen MacKendrick
  29. Musical Ritual in Mexico City: From the Aztec to NAFTA - Mark Pedelty
  30. Landing on the Wrong Note: Jazz, Dissonance, and Critical Practice - Ajay Heble
  31. Understanding Music: Philosophy and Interpretation - Roger Scruton
  32. Ed Sheeran - X Songbook
  33. Complete Keyboard Transcriptions of Concertos by Baroque Composers - Johann Sebastian Bach
  34. The Coffeehouse Companion: The Best Blend of Contemporary & Classic Songs
  35. The Creative Process in Music from Mozart to Kurtag - William Kinderman
  36. Experimentalism Otherwise: The New York Avant-Garde and Its Limits - Benjamin Piekut
  37. The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh, and Wailer - Colin Grant
  38. Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps and Effects - Scott Kahn
  39. Taylor Swift (Songbook): for Recorder
  40. Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Finest Songs - Mark Duffett
  41. 100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own - , Greg Johnson
  42. Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand '09 - Jeff Tolbert
  43. Cinderella Songbook: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
  44. The Book of Klezmer: The History, the Music, the Folklore - Yale Strom
  45. Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music - David Brackett
  46. Teaching Instrumental Music: Developing the Complete Band Program - Shelley Jagow
  47. Five Centuries of Keyboard Music - John Gillespie
  48. Musical Form - Ebenezer Prout
  49. Neil Young - Harvest (Songbook)
  51. The Dervish - Frances Kazan
  52. The Real Latin Book: For C Instruments
  53. The Elixir of Love / Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series - Burton D Fisher
  54. Aladdin - Broadway Musical Songbook: Vocal Selections
  55. An Understdable Guide to Music Theory: The Most Useful Aspects of Theory for Rock, Jazz, and Blues Musicians - Chaz Bufe
  56. The Record Men: The Chess Brothers and the Birth of Rock & Roll (Enterprise) - Rich Cohen
  57. Stomp and Swerve: American Music Gets Hot, 18431924 - David Wondrich
  58. Flute Studies Method and Exercises Books Collection in pdf format
  59. Ragtime Gems: Original Sheet Music for 25 Ragtime Classics
  60. Music and the Politics of Negation - James R. Currie
  61. The Complete Elegies, The Six Sonatinas: and Other Original Works for Solo Piano - Ferruccio Busoni
  62. Fine-Tuning the Clarinet Section: A Handbook for the Band Director - Brent Coppenbarger
  63. Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing - Josef Lhevinne
  64. Field Recordings from the Inside: Essays - Joe Bonomo
  65. R.E.M.'s Murmur - J. Niimi
  66. Lincoln (Songbook): Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
  67. The String Quartets of Beethoven
  68. The Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy - Paula Mejia
  69. Top Hits of 2015 Songbook
  70. Music/Video: Histories, Aesthetics, Media
  71. Donizetti's Lucia Di Lammermoor: Opera Classics Library Series, Version 1.5 - Burton D. Fisher
  72. Jesús María Sanromá: An American Twentieth-Century Pianist - Alberto Hernández
  73. Geographies of Cubanidad: Place, Race, and Musical Performance in Contemporary Cuba - Rebecca M. Bodenheimer
  74. The Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715-1750 - Joseph Kerman
  75. The Lost Art of Bel Canto - Leta Whitney
  76. Focus on Features: Life-like Portrayals in Applique - Charlotte Warr Andersen
  77. Three Connecticut Composers: Oliver Brownson, Alexander Gillet, and Solomon Chandler: The Collected Works
  78. Mentoring in the Ensemble Arts: Helping Others Find Their Voice - Timothy Sharp
  79. Rascal Flatts - Rewind Songbook
  80. Greatest Piano Themes from the Movies (Songbook)
  81. Evenings at the Opera: An Exploration of the Basic Repertoire - Jeffrey Langford
  82. 21st Century Chords: "Guitar Chords for the 21st Century" - Joseph R. Lilore
  83. Low End Theory: Bass, Bodies and the Materiality of Sonic Experience - Paul C. Jasen
  84. Ritual and Music of North China: Volume 2: Shaanbei - Stephen Jones
  85. Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World - Bart Plantenga
  86. Rock Brands: Selling Sound in a Media Saturated Culture
  87. Sleeping Beauty, a Legend in Progress - Tim Scholl
  88. Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference - , Dick Boak
  89. Repeating Ourselves: American Minimal Music as Cultural Practice - Robert Fink
  90. Masterpieces of Music Before 1750
  91. Bad Moon Rising: The Unauthorized History of Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hank Bordowitz
  92. Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus - Krin Gabbard
  93. So You Want to Sing Country: A Guide for Performers - Kelly K. Garner
  94. Frontier Figures: American Music and the Mythology of the American West - Beth E. Levy
  95. Ritual and Music of North China: Shawm Bands in Shanxi - Stephen Jones
  96. Violin Online String Sampler: Study Guide - Robin Kay Deverich
  97. 10 Amazing Christmas Carols - Volume 2 - Jack Goldstein
  98. The Improvisation of Musical Dialogue - Bruce Ellis Benson
  99. Country Piano Classics
  100. Mozart's the Magic Flute - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart