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  1. Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music - David Brackett
  2. I Am Melba: A Biography - Ann Blainey
  3. Barred for Life: How Black Flag's Iconic Logo Became Punk Rock's Secret Handshake - Stewart Dean Ebersole
  4. Music and Sound in Documentary Film
  5. Beautiful Monday - The Stories Behind The Songs - Elle Di
  6. Cissy Strut (
  7. Top 5 All-Time Blues Harp
  8. Pavement's Wowee Zowee - Bryan Charles
  9. Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature - Carol Kimball
  10. The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds - Jim Fusilli
  11. American Ballads and Folk Songs - , Alan Lomax
  12. Mimomania: Music and Gesture in Nineteenth-Century Opera - Mary Ann Smart
  13. Reel History: The Lost Archive of Juma Sultan and the Aboriginal Music Society - Stephen Farina
  14. Help Me (
  15. Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music and the Twentieth Century - Charles Hiroshi Garrett
  16. A History of Singing - , Neil Sorrell
  17. A Brief History of Rock, Off the Record - Wayne Robins
  18. Funk and R&B Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar (Free Audio Available) - , Peter Gelling
  19. Text and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll: The Beats and Rock Culture - Simon Warner
  20. The Ultimate Music Career Kit (E-Book)
  21. Broadcasting the Blues: Black Blues in the Segregation Era - Paul Oliver
  22. The Black Church and Hip Hop Culture: Toward Bridging the Generational Divide
  23. Piano Music of Robert Schumann, Series I - Robert Schumann
  24. Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book II Walking Bass Lines: Rhythm Changes in 12 Keys - Bass Tab Edition - Steven Mooney
  25. Classical Symphony, Op. 25, in Full Score - Sergei Prokofiev
  26. Johnny Cash's American Recordings - Tony Tost
  27. Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume II - Joseph Haydn
  28. Empire Songbook: Original Soundtrack from Season 1
  29. Advanced Musical Performance: Investigations in Higher Education Learning
  30. Singing Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Sing (Free Video Available) - , Peter Gelling
  31. The Contemporary Violin: Extended Performance Techniques - , Allen Strange
  32. 25 Top Rock Bass Songs: Tab. Tone. Technique.
  33. Real Life Rock: The Complete Top Ten Columns, 1986-2014 - Greil Marcus
  34. The Real Vocal Book - Volume IV: High Voice
  35. Lorde - Pure Heroine Songbook
  36. The Historical Performance of Music - , Robin Stowell
  37. The Mariposa Folk Festival: A History - Michael Hill
  38. Spin: Greatest Hits: 25 Years of Heretics, Heroes, and the New Rock 'n' Roll - SPIN Magazine
  39. 10 Amazing Christmas Carols - Volume 2 - Jack Goldstein
  40. The Mexican American Orquesta: Music, Culture, and the Dialectic of Conflict - Manuel Pena
  41. Piano Duet Repertoire, Second Edition: Music Originally Written for One Piano, Four Hands - CAMERON MCGRAW
  42. The Vince Guaraldi Collection Songbook: arranged by Phillip Keveren Phillip Keveren Series
  43. Wagner's Ring - Turning the Sky Around - M. OWEN LEE
  44. Finding the Rhythm in Music - Marla Swift
  45. The Much-at-Once: Music, Science, Ecstasy, the Body - Bruce Wilshire
  46. Alvin Lucier: A Celebration
  47. At the Piano: Interviews with 21st-Century Pianists - Caroline Benser
  48. The Spanish Song Companion
  49. Don't Lose Track: 40 Selected Articles, Essays and Q&As - Jordannah Elizabeth
  50. Anyone Can Play Harmonica by Peter Madcat Ruth (Video)
  51. La Mer and Other Works for Piano Four Hands - Claude Debussy
  52. The Rise of a Jazz Art World - Paul Lopes
  53. The Music of Brazil - David P. Appleby
  54. The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh, and Wailer - Colin Grant
  55. Ed Sheeran - X Songbook
  56. Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies for Solo Piano - Franz Liszt
  57. Before the Chinrest: A Violinist's Guide to the Mysteries of Pre-Chinrest Technique and Style - Stanley Ritchie
  58. Music: Ideas in Profile - Andrew Gant
  59. Being Frank: My Time with Frank Zappa - Nigey Lennon
  60. Johann Leisentrit's Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen, 1567: Hymnody of the Counter-Reformation in Germany - , Erika Heitmeyer
  61. The Serious Jazz Book II - , SHER Music
  62. Local Music Scenes and Globalization: Transnational Platforms in Beirut - Thomas Burkhalter
  63. Taylor Swift - Fearless (Songbook)
  64. Collaborative Learning in Higher Music Education
  65. Cheetah Chrome: A Dead Boy's Tale: From the Front Lines of Punk Rock - Cheetah Chrome
  66. Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps and Effects - Scott Kahn
  67. 100 Latvian Folk Songs - Sheet Music for Voice, Piano or Piano Solo - Jazeps Vitols
  68. Bob Dylan: American Troubadour - Donald Brown
  69. History of Music in Russia from Antiquity to 1800, Vol. 2 - Nikolai Findeizen
  70. Complete Symphonies in Full Score - Robert Schumann
  71. Still So Excited!: My Life as a Pointer Sister - , Marshall Terrill
  72. The Real Latin Book: For C Instruments
  73. A First Book of Ragtime: 24 Arrangements for the Beginning Pianist - David Dutkanicz
  74. Sonata in B Minor and Other Works for Piano - Franz Liszt
  75. Clarinet Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Clarinet (Free Video Available) - , Peter Gelling
  76. The Elixir of Love / Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series - Burton D Fisher
  77. The Record Men: The Chess Brothers and the Birth of Rock & Roll (Enterprise) - Rich Cohen
  78. Arctic Monkeys - AM Songbook
  79. The Act of Musical Composition: Studies in the Creative Process
  80. Music and the Politics of Negation - James R. Currie
  81. Creative Teaching for Creative Learning in Higher Music Education
  82. Hip Hop's Inheritance: From the Harlem Renaissance to the Hip Hop Feminist Movement - Reiland Rabaka
  83. Surfing about Music - Timothy J. Cooley
  84. Watermelon Man (
  85. Learn to Play Guitar again the REAL way Intermediate Lessons
  86. Concerto in B Minor Op. 61: with Separate Violin Part - Edward Elgar
  87. German Modernism: Music and the Arts - Walter Frisch
  88. Big Star's Radio City - Bruce Eaton
  89. Bach Perspectives, Volume 10: Bach and the Organ
  90. Rudolph, Frosty, and Captain Kangaroo: The Musical Life of Hecky Krasnow Producer of the World's Most Beloved Children's Songs - Judy Gail Krasnow
  91. The Last 5 Years Songbook: Movie Vocal Selections
  92. Way Down in the Delta (
  93. Jazz Piano Vocabulary Volume 2 Dorian Scale - Roberta Piket
  94. Routledge Guide to Broadway - Ken Bloom
  95. No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage's 4'33" - Kyle Gann
  96. Men, Women and Pianos: A Social History - Arthur Loesser
  97. Paul McCartney - Out There Tour Songbook
  98. Teaching Genius: Dorothy DeLay and the Making of a Musician - Barbara Lourie Sand
  99. Christmas with Disney - Ukulele Songbook
  100. Singer and Accompanist - The Performance of Fifty Songs - Gerald Moore