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  1. War, Exile and the Music of Afghanistan: The Ethnographer's Tale - John Baily
  2. Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1: Second Edition - , Greg Koch
  3. Life is a Game: Play to Win - Austin Watson
  4. Musical Imagery
  5. The Mojo Collection: 4th Edition - Various Mojo Magazine
  6. The Art of Songwriting - Andrew West
  7. Classical Pop - Lady Gaga Fugue & Other Pop Hits Songbook
  8. The Art of Accompaniment from a Thorough-Bass: As Practiced in the XVII and XVIII Centuries, Volume I - F. T. Arnold
  9. Bad Moon Rising: The Unauthorized History of Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hank Bordowitz
  10. The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock: New Edition - Jan Reid
  11. Sweet Dreams: The World of Patsy Cline
  12. Bel Canto in Its Golden Age - A Study of Its Teaching Concepts - Philip A. Duey
  13. Eight Bar Blues
  14. The Fundamentals of Sonic Art & Sound Design - Tony Gibbs
  15. Bruce Springsteen: Two Hearts, the Story - Dave Marsh
  16. The Easy Christmas Songbook: Easy to Play on Piano or Guitar with Lyrics
  17. Musical Imagery
  18. Symphonies and Other Orchestral Works: Selections from Essays in Musical Analysis - Donald Francis Tovey
  19. Coffin's Sounds of Singing: Principles and Applications of Vocal Techniques with Chromatic Vowel Chart - Berton Coffin
  20. The Blues Scales - Eb Version - , SHER Music
  21. Bach's Cycle, Mozart's Arrow: An Essay on the Origins of Musical Modernity - Karol Berger
  22. Piano - Guided Sight-Reading - Leonhard Deutsch
  23. The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C. - , Jr. Stephenson, Charles C.
  24. Blue Smoke: The Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music, 19181964 - Chris Bourke
  25. Les Six: The French Composers and Their Mentors Jean Cocteau and Erik Satie - Robert Shapiro
  26. Communities of Musical Practice - Ailbhe Kenny
  27. Music in the Eighteenth Century (Western Music in Context: A Norton History) - John A. Rice
  28. Music in Canada: A Research and Information Guide - Carl Morey
  29. Complete Sonatas and Fantasies for Solo Piano - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  30. MBH Beginners
  31. Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music - David Brackett
  32. Rhythms of the Game: The Link Between Musical and Athletic Performance - , Dave Gluck
  33. Music in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (Western Music in Context: A Norton History) - Joseph Auner
  34. Gypsy Music in European Culture: From the Late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries - Anna G. Piotrowska
  35. Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British Folk and Blues Revival - Colin Harper
  36. Slonimsky's Book of Musical Anecdotes - Nicholas Slonimsky
  37. Zen and the Art of Mixing - Mixerman
  38. Learn to Play Guitar again the REAL way Intermediate Lessons
  39. Crazy Like Me: From Memphis and the Rock 'n Roll Trio to Fleetwood Mac - Billy W Burnette
  40. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Songbook: Vocal Selections - Robert L. Freedman
  42. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Classical Music: But Were Too Afraid to Ask - , Sam Jackson
  43. Conversations in Jazz: The Ralph J. Gleason Interviews - Ralph J. Gleason
  44. Bruce Springsteen FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Boss - John D. Luerssen
  45. Talk About a Dream: The Essential Interviews of Bruce Springsteen
  46. Eric Clapton FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Slowhand - David Bowling
  47. Adele - 21 (Songbook): E-Z Play Today #173
  48. Adele - 21 (Songbook)
  49. Keyboard Presents Steal This Sound
  50. Violin Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Violin (Free Audio Available) - , Peter Gelling
  51. Les Miserables Songbook: Selections from the Movie
  52. The History of Musical Instruments - Curt Sachs
  53. The Blues Scales - Eb Version - , SHER Music
  54. Jazz, Rock, and Rebels: Cold War Politics and American Culture in a Divided Germany - Uta G. Poiger
  55. Bluegrass Bluesman: A Memoir - Josh Graves
  56. Pierre Boulez and the Piano: A Study in Style and Technique - Peter O'Hagan
  57. Bending the 3
  58. The Suites from the Fairy Tale Operas and Dubinushka - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
  60. Music, Performance, and the Realities of Film: Shared Concert Experiences in Screen Fiction - Ben Winters
  61. Jesús María Sanromá: An American Twentieth-Century Pianist - Alberto Hernández
  62. Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters - Nick Soulsby
  63. Lineage of Loss: Counternarratives of North Indian Music - Max Katz
  64. Danse Macabre and Other Works for Solo Piano - Camille Saint-Saëns
  65. Modulation - Max Reger
  66. How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin: The Untold Story of a Noisy Revolution - Leslie Woodhead
  67. Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack - Andrew Schartmann
  68. The Grand Duke; or, The Statutory Duel (Vocal Score) - W. S. Gilbert
  69. Taylor Swift (Songbook): for Recorder
  70. The Singer-Songwriter Handbook
  71. Developing Expression in Brass Performance and Teaching - Gregory R. Jones
  72. Bob Marley - Easy Piano Songbook
  73. The Mikado / Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series - Burton D Fisher
  74. Cinderella Songbook: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
  75. Decorum of the Minuet, Delirium of the Waltz: A Study of Dance-Music Relations in 3/4 Time - Eric J. McKee
  76. Vocal Score Of Iolanthe - Or, The Peer And The Peri - W. S. Gilbert
  77. Elementary Harmony - C. H. Kitson
  78. Louie Louie: The History and Mythology of the World's Most Famous Rock 'n Roll Song; Including the Full Details of Its Torture and - Dave Marsh
  79. Detroit Country Music: Mountaineers, Cowboys, and Rockabillies - , Keith Cady
  80. Global Pop, Local Language
  81. Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music and the Twentieth Century - Charles Hiroshi Garrett
  82. Struggling to Define a Nation: American Music and the Twentieth Century - Charles Hiroshi Garrett
  83. The Essential Klezmer - Seth Rogovoy
  84. Clara Schumann Piano Music - Clara Schumann
  85. Sly & The Family Stone for Bass
  86. Apparitions: Essays on Adorno and Twentieth-Century Music - Berthold Hoeckner
  87. Choral Conducting: Philosophy and Practice - Colin Durrant
  88. Singing Yoruba Christianity: Music, Media, and Morality - Vicki L. Brennan
  89. Mary Did You Know? - Mark Lowry
  90. The Guitar Four-Chord Songbook G-C-D-Em: Melody/Lyrics/Chords
  91. Jazz, Rock, and Rebels: Cold War Politics and American Culture in a Divided Germany - Uta G. Poiger
  92. Twentieth Century Music and the Question of Modernity - Eduardo de la Fuente
  93. Experiencing Verdi: A Listener's Companion - Donald Sanders
  94. Elliott Smith's XO - Matthew LeMay
  95. Pop Favorites for Fingerstyle Guitar
  96. Complete Works for Pianoforte Solo, Vol. II - Felix Mendelssohn
  97. Echoes from Dharamsala: Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community - Keila Diehl
  98. Bullet for My Valentine - Temper Temper Songbook
  99. Stalking the Red Headed Stranger - Randy Poe
  100. Debussy's Paris: Piano Portraits of the Belle Époque - Catherine Kautsky